Just For Fun ....


The Missing Money

Three young DHS ’72 aspiring mathematicians once went from Dearborn to Lansing in order to attend a two-day seminar on higher mathematics. Upon their arrival at the hotel where they were staying, the hotel manager quoted them a total price of $30 for their rooms.

The young students split this price evenly and therefore each paid $10. Soon after they went off to their rooms, however, the hotel manager realized that it was Wednesday which meant that the hotel had a standing Wednesday-night special in place, i.e., their rooms only cost $25.  Thus he had overcharged them $5.

He immediately called the bellhop over, gave him five one-dollar bills and told the bellbhop to return the dollar bills to the three students.

When the bellhop explained the situation to the three students, they were so pleased at the honesty of the establishment that they promptly tipped the bellhop $2 of the $5 he had returned to them, and each kept a remaining $1 for himself.

Thus each of the three students ended up paying $9 (their original $10, minus $1 back).  Now, (3 x $9) is $27, plus $2 for the bellhop’s tip, makes $29.

Question  If they started with $30 but only $29 can be accounted for, what happen to the other dollar?

Answer:    Reenoip took it!   





Name Our States

Do you still remember the names of all of the states in our country that you learned in secondary school?  Reenoip says he can!


You have 10 minutes to name as many as you can FROM MEMORY.  If you spell the state correctly, it will automatically accept and post the state below the box in alphabetical order. If your answer is not accepted, it will be for one of two reasons - you must have spelled it incorrectly or you have already guessed that particular state.  Good luck.......